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"Work Experience" classes for junior high schools offered by Hitachi Yokohama members

June 2022 to October, 2022

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A group of aspiring members from Hitachi Service & Platform Business Unit visited three junior high schools in Tokyo - Mitaka City Daini Junior High School in June, Kita Ward Takinogawa Koyo Junior High School in September and Higashi Murayama City Higashi Murayama Daiyon Junior High School in October - to offer work experience classes for the second-year students. Total of 68 students attended the classes and experienced a day in the life of system engineers. "Work Experience" is a part of the junior high school curriculum which is offered to all the second-year students. These classes were offered as a project in collaboration with "Yume Rakuza Project", a non-profit organization based in Shinagawa, Tokyo.

The Hitachi members developed a material for students so that they cloud experience a series of software development processes, such as requirement definition, specification review, programming and software testing. In the classes, the members enthusiastically explained the work of engineers in general, rewards and challenges of the work, the importance of the work of engineers in the society, and how to prepare to be an engineer. What was shared in the classroom all came from each member's career life at Hitachi Ltd. Their passions and stories were delivered to the students and affected their interest in engineering or at least made them think about their future career.

Later, thank-you letters from the students delivered the following messages:
"It was great to know that all familiar systems are contributing to society after they are tested to make sure they work accurately. I was moved."
"It was the first step to my future career."
It was our teams' turn to be moved by these young students tremendously.

The group of aspiring engineers is determined to continue offering the "work experience" class for junior high students, as well as programming class for elementary students, to "Inspire the Next” generation of engineers by delivering their passion and experience for the better future.

Photos: Members who offered "Work Experience" classes to students

Organizer Hitachi, Ltd. Digital Systems & Services Division, Service & Platform Business Unit
Location Mitaka City Daini Junior High School, Kita Ward Takinogawa Koyo Junior High School & Higashi Murayama City Higashi Murayama Daiyon Junior High School
Number of participants Total 74 (Total number including general participants/lecture attendees etc. AND Hitachi related participants)
[Breakdown] 68 (Junior High School Students), 6 (Hitachi employees who participated as volunteers or organizing staff.)
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