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On-line TSC System

(Transient Stability Control System for Power Grid)

To be both adaptive and self-healing

An optimum corrective action plan is prepared in advance to resolve an anticipated stability problem in some cases of electric power grid failures. The action plan is downloaded in advance to the child stations. In the case of a failure, the child station autonomously takes action.

[image]On-line TSC System

TSC:Transient Stability Control


Electric power grid information is collected on-line and transient stability calculations on the various anticipated grid failures are performed in real time at TSC parent station. If an unstable incidence is predicted, a corrective action plan is prepared, and relevant data are then downloaded to the TSC child stations. The stability calculations are performed on-line every 30 seconds.


When an electric power grid failure occurs, the relevant information is input to the TSC child stations. According to the pre-downloaded information, the TSC child stations autonomously limit (shuts down) the generators. After the failure information is received, it takes only 150 msec to issue a shutdown command, and thus corrective action can be completed before the grid becomes unstable.

Cost-Effective Operation

This system can increase the Available Transmission Capability, which is limited by the stability (transient) index of the electric power grid, resulting in higher flexibility of generator use and more cost-effective operation.