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Wide-Area Distributed Supervisory Control System for Power Grids

Enables system integration/consolidation and wide-area operation/maintenance.

  • Operation center can be location free.
  • Supervisory control systems can be integrated and consolidated.
  • Maintenance/Repair centers can be integrated.

[image]Wide-Area Distributed Supervisory Control System

IED:Intelligent Electronic Devices
IP:Internet Protocol

Location Free

Electric power grid operation (supervisory control) centers are established for each voltage level, region and function. When multiple operation centers are integrated to achieve work efficiency, the location of the supervisory control system for each center can be freely-placed, facilitating the integration.

Enables system integration

Many power grid supervisory control systems that have been independently established for each hierarchy level, region and function can be integrated and consolidated.
One main and one backup data center are commonly established for multiple systems.

Integration of System Management Centers

Multiple management centers that have been independently established for each system can be integrated into one center.