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Pumped-storage power generation control system

While renewable energy has been introduced as a measure against global warming, demand for stabilization control of power systems is increasing.
Our pumped-storage power generation system not only ensures peak shaving, but also provides systems that contribute to power grid stabilization control, including the variable-speed pumping technology *1.

Variable-speed pumping technology is a prominent technology that enables power (frequency) adjustment by changing the rotation speed of the pump and contributes to suppression of power generation fluctuations in renewable energy.


Function-intensive control system

We provide function-intensive integrated cubicles as control devices for many small hydro-electric power stations*2 throughout Japan.
Since the scale of power generation is relatively small, a lineup of function-intensive standard control cubicles that do not occupy the installation location is available and unattended operation by remote monitoring control is possible.

A small hydroelectric power station : A hydroelectric power station of 10,000 kW or less.

Function-intensive control system


Hitachi has provided a variety of generator excitation systems for thermal, hydro-electric and nuclear power plants for decades.
Hitachi provides optimal systems according to customer specification from small to large capacity generator.

  • Selection of system configuration (simplex or redundant) for operational reliability of plant.
  • Optimal functions in various controls.
  • Monitoring alarms and plant operation condition, and changing control mode by HMI.

AVR : Automatic Voltage Regulator
HMI : Human Machine Interface

Computer system for monitoring and operation

G-HIACS system basically provides plant information to monitoring screens in central control room. It collects a wide variety of plant-related information in real time serving as an HMI (Human-Machine Interface) ,saving labor and supporting appropriate judgement by operators. The system has high reliability and expandability utilizing industrial computers.

Other functions and features;

  • Autonomous decentralized system
    Even if one device stops, other devices cooperate to maintain continuous operation.
  • Various operation records, Transient events records.
    Long-term operation data recording with paper and/or electronic data.
  • System customization tool
    Screen and data customization tool designed for user convenience
  • Location-free Monitoring function Monitoring on-site and/or remote location by using smart devices and remote networks

Screen example