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Steam power generation control system

At power stations used as a base power source, we are working globally on control systems with important functions such as APC that controls the amount of fuel, water, and air supplied to the boiler, and SQC that controls the start and stop of the plant. We have a lot of delivery results.

When upgrading from the old system, we are promoting the latest system while adding the method of shifting the equipment update time in the system in order to meet the needs such as the periodic inspection days of the plant.

APC : Automatic Plant Control system
SQC : SeQuence Control system

GT/GTCC control system

We supply GT control system worldwide for variety of capacities and purposes – from a small simple cycle for industry to large GTCC for utilities.
HIACS for GT control system has high-reliability utilizing triple-redundant configuration.
We have delivered GT/GTCC control systems for newly built power plants, replacement from both previous version of HIACS and other manufacturer’s control systems.

GT : Gas Turbine
GTCC : Gas Turbine Combined Cycle

Triple-redundant configuration

Turbine control EHG system

Our EHG controls turbine speed in variety of operation conditions from plant start-up through normal operation, and operation stop with highly automated control functions and easy-to-operate interfaces. This reliable high-speed controller base system minimizes not only the operator intervention but also life time cost of expensive and delicate turbine by taking care of mechanical stress. Our EHG fits to various power generation methods and sizes of power plants; from small size industrial usage thermal power plant to giant commercial nuclear power plant, our EHGs can be installed in all of them.

EHG : Electro-Hydraulic Governor

Screen example


Hitachi has provided a variety of generator excitation systems for thermal, hydro-electric and nuclear power plants for decades.
Hitachi provides optimal systems according to customer specification from small to large capacity generator.

  • Selection of system configuration (simplex or redundant) for operational reliability of plant.
  • Optimal functions in various controls.
  • Monitoring alarms and plant operation condition, and changing control mode by HMI.

AVR : Automatic Voltage Regulator
HMI : Human Machine Interface


Computer system for monitoring and operation

G-HIACS system basically provides plant information to monitoring screens in central control room. It collects a wide variety of plant-related information in real time serving as an HMI (Human-Machine Interface) ,saving labor and supporting appropriate judgement by operators. The system has high reliability and expandability utilizing industrial computers.

Other functions and features;

  • Autonomous decentralized system
    Even if one device stops, other devices cooperate to maintain continuous operation.
  • Various operation records, Transient events records.
    Long-term operation data recording with paper and/or electronic data.
  • System customization tool
    Screen and data customization tool designed for user convenience
  • Location-free Monitoring function Monitoring on-site and/or remote location by using smart devices and remote networks

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