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Corporate InformationResearch & Development

Research AreaControl Systems

Next-generation control systems for safe
and secure societal infrastructure

Hitachi is harnessing smart OT, such as control, condition recognition, and analytics systems
utilizing AI and IoT, to make life better for everyone by globally supplying digital solution
that addresses various social issues, highly safe and dependable automated control,
and electrically-powered products that contribute to a carbon-free society.

Technology Platform

  • Digital Solution

    Analyzing sensor data from asset such as plant and automobile/railway by AI/IoT, and developing solution for more efficient operation and maintenance. We will create new service by digitalizing and integrating customers’ knowledge and Hitachi’s manufacturing experience.

    Core technologies

    • Control applying AI
    • Field sensing
    • Predictive maintenance
  • Automated Control Architecture

    Developing new “human-machine symbiotic” control architecture mainly for the mobility and industry sectors to create safe and secure societal infrastructures that addresses challenges such as workforce shortage and accident prevention.

    Core technologies

    • Autonomous cooperation control/architecture
    • Software dynamic-function reconfiguration /controllers
    • Control system security
  • Motor Drives and Power Electronics

    Highly efficient electrically-powered products and associated control technologies are being developed for mobility and industry sectors. We are also developing condition monitoring technology integrating AI and enabling dependable, labor-saving drive systems.

    Core technologies

    • High-efficiency motors
    • High-power density inverters
    • Motion drive control
    • Condition monitoring using motor current