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Research & Development

Research AreaEnergy

Developing advanced energy technologies
for a comfortable and prosperous society

Hitachi is addressing challenges throughout the energy sector based
on quantum energy technologies from nuclear power generation to back end operations,
electricity systems and high-voltage technologies that achieve stable and reliable energy
supply and demand, and electromagnetic application technologies supporting superconducting
devices that contribute to particle-beam medical treatment systems and energy saving.

Technology Platform

  • Power Systems

    To maintain reliable energy supplies and create highly efficient next-generation electricity distribution systems, we are working towards optimal control of various electric power grid facilities based on measurement data.

    Core technologies

    • Power system control
    • Energy management
    • Renewable energy
  • Quantum Energy

    Quantum energy technology relates to the control and use of atomic energy. To contribute to the realization of a prosperous society, we are developing analytical and measurement technology that enhances nuclear power plant safety and reliability.

    Core technologies

    • Nuclear, thermal, and hydraulic control and safety
    • Plant maintenance and diagnosis
    • Chemical processes (radio isotope)
  • Electromagnetic Applications

    Electromagnetic application technology provides platforms for control and utilization of superconductivity and other electromagnetic fields. Through advanced technology to control electromagnetic fields and charged particle beams in areas such as medicine, industry, and infrastructure preservation, we are helping to create a safe and secure society and improve quality of life.

    Core technologies

    • Charged particle beam control
    • Stress control during wire drawing
    • Non-contact measurement
    • Large-scale phenomenon modeling
  • High Voltage

    By developing cutting-edge technologies in the areas of high electric fields and large electric current interruption, and integrating them with digital technologies, we are addressing stable energy supply and high efficient systems as well as the societal issue of shortage in skilled workers engaged in maintenance and inspection.

    Core technologies

    • Arc control
    • Insulation