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You can see the videos related to Hitachi's R&D.

Event Movie

This presentation was recorded at Kyōsō-no-Mori Special seminar 2019.

Hitachi invited Dr. Geoffrey Moore, an organizational theorist, management consultant and author of Crossing the Chasm. We are happy to share a video of the insightful lecture where he talks about "Zone to Win: Organizing to compete in an age of disruption" in a special lecture for our employees.

(December 2019)

Case Study

Why is a "design × digital" approach effective for tearing down the "walls" to realize digital transformation? Many companies tend to fall into a situation where they start to adopt digital solutions before clarifying the issues. At the start, it's necessary to discuss and clarify the essential issues, the path to the solution, and what goals to ultimately aim at, with all stakeholders including management and the IT department, et al. To that end, Hitachi recommends utilizing both "Design Thinking" to understand what they is desired based on user experiences including joy and emotion and creating values through new ideas and consensus building, and "Digital Use" to try out new services and businesses based on technology and data.
We introduced this process through a project with Mitsui Fudosan.

(December 2019)


The video features Hitachi Group employees that demonstrates the message "Hitachi Social Innovation is POWERING GOOD", challenging to answer various societal issues to "brighten the world" and make it a better place.

It introduces Hitachi, Ltd. Corporate Chief Scientist who has dedicated 17 years in the development of automated iPS cell culture, with the aspiration to create a future where everyone can receive a regenerative medical treatment, contributing to the QoL for all.

(November 2019)


"I am Hitachi" features Hitachi employees who work hard to make our society a better place through improving Social Value, Environmental Value, and Economic Value, which Hitachi advocates. This story depicts how an European team achieved eco-friendly voyage with its cutting-edge AI-assisted navigation.

(September 2019)

Research Base


"I am Hitachi" series features the passion behind our employees' day-to-day efforts to achieve a sustainable society in which people can live to their full potential. In this "2019 Japan," you can get a glimpse of how they confronted the challenge of developing an automated cell culture system for iPS cells which is indispensable for regenerative medicine.

(July 2019)

Technology Overview

Since the industrial revolution, companies have strived to standardize production in an effort to manufacture more products at greater speed, but this has now reached its limit.
The declining population has diversified workers, and their capabilities are also varied. In the world of machines, too, old machine tools are being used alongside AI robots.
With the growing diversity of people and machines, what kind of next-generation system do we need in the world of industry?

(May 2019)

Technology Overview

Vision Design

In a world where online shopping and digital transactions are becoming increasingly widespread, how can we help local economies flourish?

(April 2019)

Technology Overview

Hitachi, working in association with Kyoto University, has announced a policy proposal for achieving a sustainable future for Japan, utilizing AI technology developed by Hitachi. What is necessary for us to live rich and sustainable lives in 2050? In this video, we introduce the co-creation process involved in creating the policy proposal utilizing Hitachi’s AI, and the details of the proposal.

(January 2019)