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Corporate InformationResearch & Development

You can see the videos related to Hitachi's R&D.

Technology Overview

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, people are being asked to restrict their movement to prevent the spread of infection.
In public spaces subject to crowding, such as subterranean malls, airports, and commercial facilities, maintaining an appropriate physical distance is a major challenge. To address this, Hitachi conceived of a new system that gently encourages physical distancing.
As an example of the system, this video introduces the "Physical-Distancing Aquarium" demo.

(November 2020)

Case Study

Hitachi in collaboration with Chulalongkorn University has begun a research project aimed to generate new service creation that will help realize a future digital city. The video introduces an ideathon approach using design thinking, which was held on a worldwide topic of interest - “gender diversity” - with students in Thailand to reflect their values. This activity is part of Hitachi’s efforts to promote social innovation in Thailand – a country achieving significant economic growth among ASEAN countries.

(March 2020)