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You can see the videos related to Hitachi's R&D.

Technology Overview

Compact, lightweight Direct-Drive System
To Make In-Wheel Electric Vehicles Closer To a Production Reality

News Release:

(November 2021)

Presentation outlining the award-winning entry by Team MDTS from the Industrial AI Laboratory, part of the Research & Development team at Hitachi America Ltd., in the ACM SIGKDD 2021 Multi-dataset Time-Series Anomaly Detection Competition. Over 500 teams submitted close to 2000 entries.

(August 2021)

In collaboration with the German Artificial Intelligence Research Center (DFKI) and Xenoma Inc., which develops and sells smart apparel (IoT clothing), we are conducting research and development of wearable AI technology that constantly monitors the physical load of workers.

(August 2021)

The Energy Solution Laboratory, part of the Research & Development team at Hitachi America, Ltd., is working with key stakeholders to resolve the challenges faced by the energy industry as it undergoes digital transformation. GLOW (GridLAB-D™ open workspace) is a graphical user interface developed in collaboration with the California Energy Commission (CEC) and partners, to bring fast accurate data collection and provide an intuitive and user-friendly environment for researchers, planners, developers and regulators involved in advanced electric grid technology deployment, and efficient renewable energy resource management. (New functions will continue to be added.)

(July 2021)

Future societies will function on a system of systems and smart autonomous vehicles will play an integral part. The video describes how the Automotive Products Research Laboratory, part of the Research & Development team at Hitachi America Ltd., is developing technologies that integrate connected data with automotive applications to realize next generation autonomous mobility.
(*Please note that the “Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas” is now part of Hitachi Astemo, a company formed on 1 January 2021, and is known as Hitachi Astemo Americas, Inc.)

(June 2021)

At Hitachi, we strive to improve Quality of Life through social innovation. Hitachi America R&D is developing solutions for a more sustainable society, through a process we call “Manufacturing to Zero.”

(May 2021)

This video contains a brief description of the algorithm described in "Evolvable Motion-planning Method using Deep Reinforcement Learning" and experiment results, which will be presented at the 2021 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA2021).

(May 2021)

Research Base

Here in Central Research Laboratory located in the City of Kokubumji, Tokyo, the beauty of the scenery has been preserved since when the surrounding area was once called Musashino and keeps us fascinated throughout the year as it changes with the season.

(February 2021)

The water volume of the springs gushing out of the forest reaches 300ml per second at times. The forest nurtures the springs and plays an important role in the water cycle in nature.

(February 2021)

The Forest in Central Research Laboratory is a home to numerous species of life forms. We pursue our researches in collaboration with academia to preserve this precious nature.

(February 2021)