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Measurement and Analysis Technologies for Future Science and Social InnovationVolume 65 Number 7 August 2016

Measurement and analysis technologies contribute to science and technology by enabling new discoveries, and they also deliver numerous benefits in our daily lives and in industry. This issue of Hitachi Review presents the latest trends and solutions in measurement and analysis technologies from various fields, including the environment and renewable energy, new materials, life science, and electronics.


    Use of Interdisciplinary Knowledge to Improve Measurement and Analysis Technology

    Part of the foundations of science and industry, measurement and analysis technologies are used in a wide variety of fields, including the development of new materials, biology, electronics, the environment, and renewable energy. Hitachi has contributed to the development of industry and society through measurement and analysis technology and its applications, having had a long involvement in instrumentation, electron microscopes, spectrophotometers, and other such devices.

    From the Editor

    Toshio Masuda

    Measurement and analysis technologies contribute to science and technology by enabling new discoveries such as the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) double helix and the detection of neutrinos. They also deliver numerous benefits in our daily lives, such as conducting clinical analyses at a health check and testing the composition of food. In industry, they are used in research and development and in process and quality control.

    Expert Insights

    Expectations for Atomic-resolution Holography Electron Microscope

    The atomic-resolution holography electron microscope project, launched in March 2010 by the late Akira Tonomura under the Funding Program for World-Leading Innovative R&D on Science and Technology (FIRST Program), was completed last year. Overcoming numerous difficulties, not least of which was the Great East Japan Earthquake, Dr. Tonomura was, in accordance with his own wishes, succeeded within Hitachi by Nobuyuki Osakabe and Hiroyuki Shinada, and the project culminated in a 1.2-MV ultra-high-voltage electron microscope that combines atomic resolution with the ability to image electromagnetic fields.


    Hitachi’s Measurement and Analysis Technologies for Future Science and Social Innovation

    Measurement and analysis, meaning the ability to observe, measure, and analyze, are essential to the progress of science and society. Many new scientific discoveries were brought about by advances in measurement and analysis technologies, and they are collectively described as the “Mother of Science.”

    Featured Articles

    Supplying Innovations in Measurement, Analysis, and Observation and a Wide Range of Solutions

    Easy-to-use Atmospheric-pressure Scanning Electron Microscope for Food, Plants, and Tissue —AE1500 Tabletop Atmospheric SEM—
    Yusuke Ominami, Kenji Nakahira, Akiko Hisada, Makoto Nakabayashi, Minami Shoji, Mai Yoshihara, Kenichi Sato, Sukehiro Ito
    Nanoscale Imaging, Material Removal and Deposition for Fabrication of Cutting-edge Semiconductor Devices —Ion-beam-based Photomask Defect Repair Technology—
    Anto Yasaka, Fumio Aramaki, Tomokazu Kozakai, Osamu Matsuda
    Measurement of Microscopic Three-dimensional Profiles with High Accuracy and Simple Operation —AFM5500M Scanning Probe Microscope—
    Satoshi Hasumura, Shigeru Wakiyama, Masato Iyoki, Kazunori Ando
    Measurement of Surface Profile and Layer Cross-section with Wide Field of View and High Precision —VS1000 Series Coherence Scanning Interferometer—
    Yugo Onoda, Kiyotaka Ishibashi, Kaori Yanagawa, Yoshihiro Sato
    Fluorescence Pattern Analysis to Assist Food Safety —Food Analysis Technology Driven by Fluorescence Fingerprints—
    Jun Horigome, Michinari Kozuma, Toshihiro Shirasaki
    Compact Mass Detector for Drug Discovery Research —Chromaster 5610 Mass Detector—
    Masaki Watanabe, Norimasa Minamoto, Masaki Yoshie, Kosaku Toyosaki, Shinji Yoshioka
    Rapid Detection and Element Identification of Fine Metal Particles for Underpinning Battery Quality —X-ray Particle Contaminant Analyzer EA8000—
    Tsuneo Sato, Yoshiki Matoba
    Coating Thickness Measurement with High-performance for Latest Electronic Fine Components of Mobile Devices —FT150 Series Fluorescent X-ray Coating Thickness Gauge—
    Haruo Takahashi, Masaki Izumiyama, Ryusuke Hirose, Toshiyuki Takahara
    Ultrasonic Imaging of Microscopic Defects to Help Improve Reliability of Semiconductors and Electronic Devices —Scanning Acoustic Tomograph—
    Kaoru Kitami, Kaoru Sakai, Takashi Tomita, Kazuyoshi Kurosawa
    An Inspection and Measurement Technology Platform Leading the Way to More Advanced Manufacturing
    Takenori Hirose, Maki Tanaka, Hiroyuki Nakano, Shin-ichi Taniguchi, Toshiharu Miwa