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I am Hitachi

Hitachi's spirit has been passed down for more than 100 years:
"Harmony," "Sincerity," and "Pioneering Spirit."
As social issues become increasingly complex,
let's carry on this enduring spirit to drive innovation and advance society.
The Hitachi Group Identity exists for a better future.


The United States and Europe.
"Harmony" was essential in the global development of two long-distance
transmission projects, both with different challenges.
What leads a team to success?

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"HARMONY" - Hitachi Group Identity (English) - Hitachi


India and Thailand.
"Sincerity" was the key to two major rail infrastructure
transformations as they prioritized safety and security.
What is the secret of building trust between two Hitachi employees?

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"SINCERITY" - Hitachi Group Identity (English) - Hitachi

Pioneering Spirit

Transformers using vegetable oil in China. Hydrogen energy supply in Japan.
These efforts to advance carbon-neutral societies exude "Pioneering Spirit."
Why did these Hitachi employees pursue progress
in spite of known, unprecedented challenges?

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"PIONEERING SPIRIT" - Hitachi Group Identity (English) - Hitachi