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Corporate InformationEnvironmental Activities

Environmental Data

Publications, lists of data, and basic information concerning environmental activities are available.

Hitachi Sustainability Report

  • The Hitachi Sustainability Report 2020 is scheduled to be published at the end of October in Japanese and the end of November in English.

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This report describes social and environmental issues important for the sustainability of business and society, our attitude about these issues, and our efforts in fiscal 2019.

Our environmental activities are reported in "Environment" section (p. 22-66).

Green Procurement Guidelines

[Image] Green Procurement Guidelines

These guidelines are for conducting research on the environmental conservation activities of suppliers, and for observing matters pertaining to the reduction of environmental burden for products delivered to Hitachi (such as saving resources, conserving energy, recycling, and properly controlling the chemical substances contained in products).

Green Procurement system

We have ensured the appropriate management of products, such as collecting information about chemical substances contained in products by using the green procurement system (which is the system for suppliers and employees of Hitachi Group companies).

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