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The diagram below shows an example of the scope and structure of information and control systems for social infrastructure. Critical infrastructure – such as power, railway, social and industrial systems – requires a high level of reliability, availability and maintainability.ADS-net positions itself at the center of such applications.


ITS : Intelligent Transport Systems
ETC : Electronic Toll Collection System
UPS : Uninterruptible Power Supply

These dependable platforms are based on the ADS concept and technology.

Many applications world-wide in manufacturing systems

ADS-net covers a wide range of network levels, and is applicable to both Factory Automation (FA) and Process Automation (PA).


The figure above shows ADS-net coverage from the Control Network level up to the upper-level Information & Control Network. Given this capability, ADS-net can provide network functions able to use shop floor data smoothly and effectively throughout the Information & Control system.

ADS-net technology has been adopted in numerous manufacturing systems.

-Automotive   -Tires   -Food&Beverage   -Pharmaceuticals
-Newspaper printing   -Steel   -Petrochemicals
-Gas treatment   etc.

Many applications in a wide variety of social infrastructure systems

ADS-net technology has been adopted in numerous social infrastructure systems requiring high reliability, usability and maintainability.

  • Power generation, and transmission and distribution control
  • Train traffic and power control (Shinkansen/high-speed and conventional trains, urban networks)
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • etc.

More than 30 countries and regions worldwide

Products using ADS-net technology have been installed in many systems worldwide.