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ADS-net is an open Industrial Realtime Network based on Autonomous Decentralized System technology.


  • ADS-net (Autonomous Decentralized System network) is one of the open industrial real-time networks according to ISO/IEC 8802-3 and is based on the ADS technology defined in ISO 15745-4 – Industrial automation systems and integration – Open systems application integration framework.
  • ADS-net was developed in Japan by the members of the MSTC (Manufacturing Science & Technology Center), consisting of users, vendors and academics. MSTC has been promoting standardization activities such as MAP, Field network and ADS-net technology since 1985.
  • ADS-net has incorporated recent evolutions in network technology-such as advanced priority control, and autonomous re-configuration and communication-developed in collaboration with organizations such as IEEE ISADS (International Symposium on Autonomous Decentralized Systems, established in 1993), as well as IPv6 technology.

Evolution of ADS-net technology and standardization


The ADS-net protocol has been open to the public since 1999, and it was standardized as ISO 15745-4 in 2003.
The ADS-net fieldbus has been standardized in 2019 as IEC 61158 series and IEC 61784 series* (IEC 61158-1, -3-25, -4-25, -5-25, -6-25, IEC 61784-2 and -5-20).

* Previously approved as IEC/PAS 62953 (Publicly Available Specification) in 2014.