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  • New nodes can receive data without changing the sender software.
  • Program modification is easy. Modification or expansion can be done without affecting the system even during operation.




  • Partial failure does not result in overall system shutdown.
  • Subsystem redundancy can be easily realized according to the degree of importance.


Maintainability (Online-testing)

  • Node status can be monitored during system operation.
  • Node status can be monitored during system operation.
  • Testing can easily be conducted using online data during system operation.


Real-time transmission

Advanced priority control technology

This technology is based on Gigabit Ethernet and advanced VLAN (Virtual LAN) with priority management: it uses VLAN priority with medium access control in order to provide real-time transmission.

  • Network Bandwidth Allocation [static cyclic memory management]
  • Message Priority Control according to the importance of the data (Cyclic data, Control data, Information data) [dynamic traffic management]

In order to ensure continual performance improvements into the future, this control method has the key feature of being able to use the latest advances in network technology.

In cyclic transmission, each network node has an area in the common memory. Each network node broadcasts the contents of its own sending area in the common memory and copies the data to the target area in the common memory of the target network node.