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Coined from the words "illuminate" and "data", the name Lumada embodies our goal of shining a light on our customers' data and illuminating it in such a way that we can extract new insight, thereby resolving our customers' business issues and contributing to their business growth.

Lumada Concept video -To create new value- Hitachi

Digital transformation for a better society

Digital transformation for a better society

In this day and age, we need transformation through the use of digital technologies - or digital transformation (DX) - in order to realize a better society. Similarly, in the face of unexpected events and dramatic changes in society, we need resilience in order to recover from or adapt to adverse situations.

Alongside customers and business partners in a wide range of business areas, Hitachi is currently working to bring forth various social innovations through the use of digital technologies.

To identify signs of changes that heretofore could not be predicted and take swift action -
To build a co-creation ecosystem that creates new value for society in the coming age -

Hitachi presents Lumada.

Accelerate your business strategies with the speed and scalability offered by Lumada' s digital innovations.

With the spread of the Internet of Things (IoT), the amount of data generated by society and businesses continues to grow at an increasingly faster pace. From this data springs new business value.
In the coming age, the vast sea of data generated by society will be used to create new value. Through co-creation with customers, Lumada makes it possible to swiftly create new businesses that utilize data.
By building ecosystems with customers and business partners in various business areas, we can accelerate digital innovation to create new value for a new society.

Co-creation with customers and business partners

To transform your businesses, processes, products, and services, we work with you to formulate strategies based on data analysis.

Industry-specific and business process know-how
(Solutions and customer cases)

Leveraging Hitachi's industry-specific and business process know-how and the expertise that we have accumulated over the years, we provide support throughout all phases of digital innovation, from planning and design to implementation.

Using our rich portfolio of customer cases, we promptly provide the digital solutions you need to resolve your business issues.

Hitachi has a wealth of experience and know-how in various industries and business processes, as well as proven digital solutions for creating new value through co-creation with customers. These are collected and stored in Lumada as solutions and modelized customer cases, allowing them to be quickly applied in a wide range of fields. Each year, the number of customer cases and the fields in which they can be applied are increasing.
To promote new co-creation with customers in various fields, Hitachi utilizes Lumada customer cases that match each customer's business issues and Lumada solutions that incorporate our know-how.
In this way, we put together the right mechanisms for each customer and swiftly provide digital solutions that create solid value.

Platform products and technologies

We provide the cutting-edge products and technologies you need for digital innovation.

Our architecture, technologies, and platform services enable the prompt provision of cutting-edge digital solutions.

To create a better society through DX, the concept of cyber-physical systems that use IoT is important. In such a system, data obtained from the real world (physical spaces) is visualized and analyzed by AI or other technology running in a cloud in cyberspace. Based on the analysis, solutions to issues are fed back to the real world.
Through the use of digital twins (technology that simulates the real world in cyberspace), we can now find ways to address changes in the real world with greater speed and a broader perspective than in the past. By feeding this back to the real world, business sites are reborn as places where new value is continuously created even in the midst of great change.

Lumada's digital innovation platform achieves continuous innovation by accelerating this value creation chain.