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A green and comfortable future,
by the power of digital


『 Increasing Resilience 』『Decarbonization』『Accelerate Digitization』

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Comfortable lives supported by energy. Various challenges need to be overcome for maintaining them.

  • Increasing resilience to maintain safety and stable supply; e.g. An appropriate countermeasure for the aging facilities and disaster recovery.
  • Decarbonization to preserve the environment, e.g. The utilization of renewable energy.
  • Accelerating digitization of the electric power system operation to achieve new level of fine control.

To tackle these challenges, Catching up the latest energy policy and emerging technologies in Japan and other part of the world. The outcome will be provided as new solutions combining advanced IT, high-level OT and highly reliable products through co-creation with customers.

Leveraging "Lumada"(*) for energy solution to tackle issues to achieve operational streamlining and widening, information utilization and decarbonization, and aim to achieve an eco-friendly and sustainable society.

(*):The collective term representing Hitachi’s solutions and services that utilize advanced digital technologies to accelerate digital transformation (DX).


IT Solutions

  • Customer information systems

    We provide large-scale, highly reliable, and high-performance charge calculation systems which realize fine-tuned customer service.

  • Power distribution equipment management systems

    We provide the integrated management system of power distribution facilities which visualize expert skills in planning, construction, operation and maintenance to support the efficiency of work.

OT Solutions

  • Energy Management Systems

    We support the stable electric power supply by realizing a central power supply command center, a wide-area distributed power system monitoring and control system, and a power grid stabilization system.

  • Electric Power System Protection & Control System

    Utilizing digital technology, we provide monitoring and control systems equipped with intelligent controls for complex and Large scale power systems.

  • Analysis service for electric power systems

    We predict and reproduce electrical accidents and phenomena that occur in the power system on a PC, consider countermeasures / prevention / maintenance, and propose them to our customers.


Footprints in Japan and rest of the world

For many years, relevant technologies, insights, and know-how by engaging in demonstration projects in Japan and the rest of the world has been accumulated in Energy Information Control solutions.
Furthermore, One Hitachi total energy solutions are going to be provided to contribute realizing better society in the world as the achievement of social innovation.

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November 13,2023
Hitachi receives order for next-generation nationwide load dispatching system from Transmission and Distribution IT & OT Systems LLC
August 7,2023
Matsuyama Mikan Energy selects Hitachi's grid energy storage system with e-meshTM PowerStoreTM
April 26,2023
Demonstration Operation of Optimized Performance Enabling Network for Volt/Var(Q) (OPENVQ) of Power Transmission Network Commences in Thailand
May 28, 2021
Hitachi Selected as System Vendor for Demand Response Demonstration Project for the Optimization of Thai Power Supply and Demand Balance
Jan.12, 2021
Thailand's First Demonstration Project of Optimized Performance Enabling Network for Volt/Var(Q) (OPENVQ) in Power Transmission Networks


-Continued projects-

Nov.5, 2021
Commenced Demonstration Operation of Cloud-Based Advanced Energy Management System in Slovenia

-Finished projects-

Jul.8, 2021
Polish-Japanese Smart Grid Demonstration Project in Poland has been completed
Mar.13, 2014
Commencement for "Smart Community Project in Greater Manchester, UK"
Apr.26, 2013
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Hitachi and Mitsubishi Corporation Launch Smart Community System Demonstration Project in Malaga, Spain


-Finished projects-

Dec.18, 2013
Hitachi Commences Demonstration Site for Japan-U.S. Island Grid Project in Hawaii
Case Study
The Japan-U.S. Island Grid Project on Hawaii's Maui Island: Striving to find solutions to the energy challenges
Sep.18, 2012
Launch of Smart Grid Demonstration Site in Los Alamos

Cross-Industry Solutions

Together with diverse stakeholders,
we are working to develop solutions that change society beyond
the boundaries of Energy, Mobility and Telecommunications.