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Hitachi Group Identity Movie - I am Hitachi - I am Hitachi - Hitachi Group Identity Movie -

In the "Hitachi Group Identity Movie – I am Hitachi," colleagues from around the world talk about the passion, dreams, and pride they put into their work. With the Hitachi Group Identity in their hearts, they proclaim to the world "I am Hitachi" with the belief that each employee represents the company as a whole.

"I am Hitachi from around the world" will present videos sent in from locations throughout the world so that our over 300,000 teammates and colleagues can cross national, regional and divisional boundaries and come together as “One Hitachi”.

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Hitachi, Ltd. -Global [Account]
“I am Hitachi from around the world” posts will be shared on the Hitachi Official Facebook page. The page will be updated regularly, so keep checking back.
  • From the UK

    From the UK

    This video was sent by Hitachi Europe. Employees gather for a fun and productive breakfast meeting.

  • From China

    From China

    This is from Hitachi Construction Machinery (China). As they declare their spirit in front of a row of excavators, even their breaths are timed perfectly.

  • From Singapore

    From Singapore

    This video comes from the Global Women's Summit 2018. Nearly 160 individuals, ranging from junior staff to CEO, came together from 17 countries and territories. After a lively exchange of views, they powerfully raised their voices!