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Hitachi: An Innovation Partner for the IoT Era

President & CEO

The state of the world is in constant flux. Each day brings new political, economic, and environmental changes, and the issues facing our customers and societies as a whole grow ever more diverse and complex. The field of business and people's lifestyles are also seeing dramatic shifts as the impact of IoT (the Internet of things) and computerization continue to gain momentum.
Anticipating these changes, in May 2016 Hitachi moved to become an Innovation Partner for the IoT Era with its new 2018 Mid-term Management Plan. In this plan, we focus our efforts in four business domains—power and energy; industry, distribution, and water; urban; and finance, public, and healthcare. We have launched a market-driven business structure comprising three layers: the "front" businesses that interface directly with customers as they develop and provide services; the "platform" that enables quick, efficient provision of those services; and the globally competitive "products" we bring to market.
In line with our Corporate Credo—contributing to society through the development of superior, original technology and products—we engage in the Social Innovation Business on a global basis, putting our IT and control and operational technologies to use in the advanced social infrastructure systems we provide to create a future where people can live safer, richer lives. Moving forward, we will take our Social Innovation Business to a more advanced phase with enhanced digital technologies to accelerate "collaborative creation," tackling shared issues and crafting solutions together with our customers and partners.
It is precisely because this is an era of great change that Hitachi is dedicating itself to working smarter and faster, creating new value for customers and enhancing people's quality of life. In this way we will pursue growth as a company and sustainable development for society as a whole.

President & CEO