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The Hitachi Group Identity
A crucial part of our heritage,
it has been passed down
since the company’s founding over 100 years ago
and continues to drive today’s business as
we build on a history of innovation.
How are Hitachi Group colleagues putting it into practice?
What aspirations do they have for the future?
Two "I am Hitachi" videos, one shared aspiration:
to continue contributing to society.

I am Hitachi 2022

What does Harmony, Sincerity,
and Pioneering Spirit mean to you?
Passionate words from six colleagues
chosen from over 300,000 people
across the Hitachi Group
reveal the key to overcoming their challenges.

Hitachi Group Identity Movie - "I am Hitachi 2022" (English) - 日立
I am Hitachi from Around the World

What kind of future do you want to create?
What challenges do you want to take on at Hitachi?
Answers from Hitachi colleagues around the world are
filled with passionate thoughts that are shared
across countries and regions.

"I am Hitachi from Around the World" (English) - 日立