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President and CEO  Keiji Kojima

Since its founding in 1910, Hitachi has been helping customers and society grow and evolve through business operations based on the corporate philosophy of "Contributing to society through the development of superior, original technology and products."
As the world faces complex and severe issues, such as climate change and the coronavirus pandemic, I feel that this corporate philosophy is more meaningful than ever before.

I believe that the fundamental challenge facing humankind today is to achieve "well-being," whereby people can enjoy happiness every day, even while maintaining "planetary boundaries," that is, a safe environment in which humankind can exist.

Through the Social Innovation Business, which resolves social issues by combining cutting-edge IT x OT x Products, Hitachi will continue to take on the challenge of realizing a sustainable society and contributing to people's happiness using data and technologies. Furthering the development of a healthy society with the understanding and support of our stakeholders, we will continue to grow as a company and as individuals.

The new 2024 Mid-term Management Plan includes an explanation of this "growth story," with a particular focus on "Digital," "Green," and "Innovation."

We look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations for Hitachi.

President and CEO  Keiji Kojima

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