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All your needs in metal production are covered…HITACHI motor drive system.

Hitachi has pulled drive system control technologies of the metal automation in the world since the Hitachi’s first product 7,000 HP Ward Leonard drives for rolling mills were delivered in 1933.
Systems more than 500 have been delivered to global clients in more than 20 countries and regions.

IGBT:Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor

Clean power supply

The sine wave PWM converter with vector control , harmonic reduction control and power factor control realize a high efficiency power supply system.

Various control functions

HITACHI motor drive system has various motor speed control functions that are applicable to various metal control systems from hot rolling to cold rolling.

HITACHI motor drive system has applied to general-purpose IGBT for all line up

Hitachi has applied general-purpose IGBT, a steadily supplied and reliable global standard power device. IGBT is applied to social infrastructure domain such as metals and mining, chemical, energy, water and transportation.
Furthermore, Hitachi introduced the cell design concept to optimize the stability of quality, reliability and robustness while realizing a wider and flexible ranges of capacity.