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Steel plant control systems

The world of steel plant control technology must not only meet conventional requirements for high reliability, high quality control, a friendly human-machine interface and similar needs, but also new requirements for wide-ranging IT-based system integration (e.g., business integration, media integration, remote integration), as well as addressing various other needs (e.g., energy-saving, solution system, re-engineering). Hitachi's control technology is evolving day by day to meet these requirements.

Motor drive systems (HIVECTOL-VSI series)

The HIVECTOL-VSI series for the metals producers drives variable speed motors as a standard control solution of the main mill motors and the auxiliary ones. It applies highly energy efficient regenerative PWM inverter drive system to all the motors in order to ensure high efficiency power conversion, real-time quick response, high precision, high reliability & robustness and maintainability. Moreover, the Hitachi, Ltd. Drive System has contributed to the superior quality, the stable operation, the producing high grade and highly functional products and the productivity improvement through fusion of sophisticated IT such as IoT (Internet of Things) with steel plant control system technologies.
The Hitachi, Ltd. will focus on global expansion of its drive systems for the iron and steel industry to facilitate above merits for all the producers around the world.

PWM(Pulse Width Modulation)Inverter Drive System:
It operates inductive motors with complete control by means of changing the voltage and frequency through switching power semiconductors in the process that converts AC power source into direct current and inverts DC power supply into alternate current reversely.