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Research & Development

Research AreaProduction Engineering

Combining IT and OT to optimize the total value chain

Hitachi is devising innovative solutions for the full value chain from design,
manufacturing, and inspection to procurement, production, and distribution
with production systems optimizing global manufacturing operations
and IT-driven digital manufacturing technologies.

Technology Platform

  • Production Systems

    Combining cyber-solutions that utilize AI and IoT to optimize operations with physical solutions enabling flexible production line configuration to optimize value chains.

    Core technologies

    • Supply chain management
    • Production scheduling
    • Image signal processing
    • Robot/line engineering
  • Production Processes

    Achieving high-quality manufacturing globally by digitalizing processes such as processing and inspection in manufacturing, and integrating actual measurement data with highly accurate simulation.

    Core technologies

    • Metal Processing (cutting, metal forming)
    • Polymer Processing (molding, adhesive bonding)
    • Optical 3D measurement
    • Powder/liquid measurement
  • Reliable Electronic Systems

    We are designing highly reliable electronic system in industrial sectors including railways and buildings to underpin stable infrastructure. We are also improving production efficiency through digitalization of production field data.

    Core technologies

    • EMC analysis and measurement
    • Low-noise electronic system design
    • Highly reliable circuits and high-density packaging
    • Industrial IoT application