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Research & Development

Research AreaSystems Engineering

Creating new functions and improving society
by connecting diverse products and services

To resolve societal issues, Hitachi is harnessing its expertise in fields such as
mathematical optimization, simulation, software development techniques,
and security, to create complete systems by connecting OT x IT x Products.

Technology Platform

  • System Architecture

    Based on the concept of Autonomous Decentralized System, Hitachi has been developing and delivering technologies for step-by-step expansion, renovation, and operational optimization of public infrastructure in order to achieve collaboration and cooperation between systems over lifecycles and/or beyond industrial fields.

    Core technologies

    • Autonomous decentralized systems
    • Mathematical optimization utilizing big data
    • System renovation
  • System Productivity

    In order to realize rapid and high-quality software development, our technology is innovating the software lifecycle from development to operation and maintenance by using data analysis, AI and software development automation.

    Core technologies

    • IT-powered business modernization
    • Development and validation technologies for intelligent systems
    • Development process for highly-safe systems
    • Data-driven software engineering
  • Security

    Our security technologies not only protect IoT devices and data such as personal information against cyber-attacks, but also contribute to safe and secure public infrastructure based on digital trust.

    Core technologies

    • Public biometrics infrastructure
    • Security design
    • Security operation
    • Digital trust
  • Social Systems Engineering

    Solving complex societal issues using digital technology in services delivered by multi-company ecosystems, such as digital cities, and urban transportation and logistics.

    Core technologies

    • Highly dependable blockchain technology
    • QoL-oriented digital urban engineering
    • Shared logistics platforms
    • Cloud-native system development