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June 27, 2024
Hitachi, Ltd.

Tokyo, June 27, 2024 – Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE:6501) has received the 2023 Asia-Pacific Emerging Partner Award from Equinix Inc. This award recognizes the strong global collaboration between Hitachi and Equinix. In particular, Hitachi was recognized for its global deployment of high-quality, sustainable hybrid cloud solutions that combine sustainable Hitachi Vantara*1 storage with Platform Equinix®.

The two companies have been partners for many years, providing and expanding joint solutions centered on Equinix's data center services and Hitachi Vantara's storage. In light of the recent market environment that requires acceleration and compatibility of Sustainable Transformation (SX) and Digital Transformation (DX), the two companies signed an MOU in April 2023*2, to strengthen their collaboration. Equinix is also participating in the Lumada Alliance program and actively collaborating to address social issues.

Hitachi will continue to work with Equinix to solve social issues through a cycle of developing, deploying, and utilizing digital solutions.

News Release (October 27, 2023) "Global reorganization to strengthen synergies leveraging OT and IT"
News Release (April 25, 2023) "Equinix and Hitachi Strengthen Collaboration"

About the Equinix Asia-Pacific Emerging Partner Award

The Asia-Pacific Emerging Partner Award recognizes companies that have delivered breakthrough value to their customers' businesses using Equinix digital infrastructure solutions and will continue to be key partners of Equinix in the future. Learn more about the award here:

About the Lumada Alliance Program

A program for building an ecosystem through a community of open innovation characterized by matching with many different partners, with the aim of accelerating social innovation to solve the social issues that would be hard for a single company alone to solve and thereby create value.

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