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Information & Control Platforms

Industry-leading Speed in Ladder Processor

Ladder basic instruction processing speed : 15 [ns/step]-; application instruction processing speed: 45 [ns/instruction]-.

Operability from PC: Remote Reset/RUN/STOP, Error Log Monitoring

(For PCs with the basic tool system installed)

In addition to the remote programming and circuit monitor inherited from the S10α, S10V can be remotely reset, run and stopped. This eliminates the need to access the control panel during a test run or similar operation. Error logs can also be monitored from a PC, allowing an early detection of any trouble and an investigation of its cause.

The PCs are compatible with Microsoft ® Windows ® 2000/Windows ® XP.

Availability of user-created arithmetic function

The users can create their own arithmetic functions coded in C language.

Readable proglam by nesting function

The nesting function allows a frequently used program to be a subroutine so as to convert it into the simple readable program.

Connectability with I/O units of S10α and S10mini

The system can be connected with I/O units of the S10α and S10mini by remote I/O, which enables the CPU unit alone to be replaced.

Industry-standard horizontal ladder

The converter function* of the s10 ladder diagram programming software allows the diagonally-right-down ladder diagram of S10/2α series and S10mini to be the horizontal ladder diagram for S10V.

Some circuits cannot be converted, such as a user-created arithmetic functions.

Nesting function

graphic explanation

C language tasks started from the ladder diagram

graphic explanation

Note : The use of HI-FLOW requires a CMU (an expanded CPU).