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  • * This website describes component products of S10V.

Suited for a wide range of applications from simple condition control to complex arithmetic operations. Introducing a super PLC that can execute ladder, HI-FLOW and C language at the same time!


Ladder diagram

For high-speed control of machinery and equipment...

  • The industry-leading speed in ladder operation
    (Basic instructions : 15 ns/step-; application instructions : 45 ns/instruction-)
  • Large-capacity user memory area (100-k steps)
  • Programs are modularized accoeding to purpose by nesting


For automatic operation and process-stepping type (flow) control...

  • Selective branching and parallel branching (simultaneously executed at multiple routes) are both possible
  • Operation is smoothly checked at break points during test-running
  • Trouble analysis is easy thanks to real-time search and display at execution position

C language

For information control that performs complex processing...

  • Compatible with C/C++
  • It comes equipped with a real-time multitask OS and also performs interrupt operations
  • Memory with more storage area than necessary (with up to 16 M bytes of user memory)

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