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  • * This website describes component products of S10VE.

Continued compatibility with the S10 series,
with improved reliability, maintainability, and computing performance:
A programmable controller that provides advanced support for manufacturing and social infrastructures


  • Improved reliability by way of a built-in function (error correction code) that automatically corrects soft errors
  • Includes a single CPU module that runs programs coded in ladder logic, HI-FLOW, and C
  • Equipped with two standard Ethernet ports for enhanced connectivity with computers
  • Eliminated the power retention battery for programs, thereby reducing the amount of required maintenance work
  • Continued compatibility with S10V, enabling the migration of S10V program assets and ensuring network connectivity

Features of S10VE

Soft-Error Automatic Correction Function

Soft errors can be caused by, among other things, the malfunction of memory chips due to cosmic rays. S1 0VE's program memory and internal registers include error correction code (ECC) that automatically corrects such errors, thereby allowing operations to continue.

※The number of error bits that can be corrected depends on the memory area.

Ladder logic, HI-FLOW, and C programming languages

A single CPU module can concurrently process programs coded in ladder logic, HI-FLOW, and C. You can also run programs linked to other programs.

Two standard Ethernet ports

The CPU module is equipped with two Ethernetports,allowingitto communicate with another computer or device in addition to the PADT. You can also add ET.NET modules to increase the total number of ports to up to six ports.

Elimination of the battery for programs

Non-volatile memory is now used to store programs, and the power retention battery (to protect against power outages) has been eliminated. (Note that, if the watch function is used, you will need to periodically replace the watch's battery.)

Migration of S10V program assets

S10V programs coded in ladder logic and HI-FLOW can be migrated to S10VE by using the PADT* converter function. (For details, see the guide on replacement.)

Connectivity with existing systems

S10VE can be connected to S10V via FL-net, optical double ring (OD.RING), or Ethernet. (For details, see the guide on replacement.)

Improved performance (by 1.6 times) and increased

With a memory size of 479K bits or 129 Kwords, S10VE boastsa ladder-bit calculation speed that is 1.6 times faster than that of S10V, and a ladder p rogram capacity t hat is 5 times that of S10V.

Easy replacement of the communication module

The parameters set for the communication module are stored in the CPU, eliminating the need to reconfigure the parameters even if the communication module fails and needs to be replaced.

CPU indicator

An indicator on the CPU module displays the operating status. Even if you are not using the PADT, you can easily perform maintenance, guided by the errors and alarms displayed by the indicator.

PADT : Programming and Debugging Tool