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Information & Control Platforms

graphic explanation

Other communication functions

  • Standard remote I/O
  • RS-232C (non-procedure/H-7338 switchover)
  • RS-422 (non-procedure/H-7338 switchover, with interrupt function)
  • IR.LINK (remote I/O with interrupt function)
  • SV.LINK (High-speed I/O communication for protocols for Ethernet base only)

CPU specifications

model LPU CMU
Type LQP512 LQP527
Number of inputs and outputs Standard remote I/O 2,048 points maximum
When using J.NET 8,192 points
Programming language Ladder diagram HI-FLOW and C language
Ladder operation processor Dedicated LSI
Computer operation processor SH4 (32bit, 160MHz)
Floating point arithmetic Yes Yes
Program capacity For ladder diagram 100k steps
For HI-FLOW and C language 20M bytes *2
Resistor capacity bits area 115k bits
words area 152k words
Processing speed Ladder diagram basic instructions 15 ns/step *1
Ladder diagram applied instructions 45 ns/instruction *1
For computer operation 50 ns/instruction on average
Rewriting during running Yes (ladder) Yes (HI-FLOW)
Clock function Yes
Remote I/O interface Two ports incorporated
(1,024 points/port)
Programming tool interface RS-232C
(115.2k bps)
(100/10M bps)
Peak performance during pipeline processing.
For HI-FLOW = 4 MB, For C language = 16 MB.

Outer dimensions

mounting example and size of 4-slot mount base

  4-slot 8-slot
W 301 437
H 139
D 119

unit : mm