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Information & Control Platforms


Programming language Specifications
Programming capacity
(with ECC function)
Ladder logic 512k steps

8M bytes

C 37M bytes
(Number of tasks: Max. 224)
I/O points When using remote I/O Max. 2,048 points
When using J.NET Max. 8,192 points
Register capacity Bit 479,357 points
Word 129,720 words
Ladder logic
processing speed
Basic order (AND) 9.4 ns per instruction
Word operation (ADD) 18.75 ns per instruction
PADT interface Ethernet
Function that rewrites programs while they run Included (ladder logic and HI-FLOW)
Retention in the event of a power outage Program memory Non-volatile memory (battery-less)
Register Power retention register included
Operation in the event of a
power outage
Clock Operation continues by using the clock’s batteries
f power outages: 5 years (25℃)

Installation Environment Requirements

Item Specifications
Ambient temperature during operation
(during storage)
(-20 to +75℃)
Humidity 10 to 90% RH
(with no condensation)
Dust Federal Standard 209D, class 1,000,000
Corrosive gas JEITA IT-1004B, class B
Resistance to momentary power outages Airbeilty to operate normally without detecting power outages of 10 ms or less I/O mount base (required)
Elevation during operation 1,000 m or less
Vibration resistance Compliance with JIS C60028-2-6
Frequency: 10 to 150 Hz; acceleration: 10 m/s2
in X, Y, and Z directions; sweep time: 8 minutes; number of sweep cycles: 20 cycles
Shock resistance Compliance with to JIS C60068-2-27
Peak acceleration: 147 m/s2
Half-sine pulse: 3 times in each of the X, Y, and Z directions