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Residents build sustainable relationships with visitors brought by trains

People's expectations to rail infrastructure change depending on the maturity of the community

Rails have assisted the growth of communities by transporting people and products. However, the spread of e-commerce and telework may change the reason why people need transportation. People would be given more priority to think about their activities in their community.
Their expectations to rails may change depending on the maturity of the community: shifting to something that goes beyond transportation.

A part of the fare is donated to the destination for the development of the community

In an initiative called Fare Fund, a part of the fare is donated to the destination community, each time a visitor purchases a ticket. The fund makes visitors aware of the community and the residents. The residents discuss each other and determine the use of the fund to make their community better. The fund creates an opportunity for the residents to get involved in the community development.
The residents want more people to visit their community, so they may implement a measure to let the visitors enjoy their stay more comfortably, or to make the transportation more efficient.
Trains connect the visitors and the residents. The visitors respect the community, and the residents appreciate the visitors. This is a new, sustainable relationship between the visitors and the residents.

Residents participate in the community through voting

You may not know what to do to involve in the community development.
First, you need to get interested in what is happening in your community and what is required for your community. A variety of community data may help you solve the questions.
The community data simulates road congestions and proposes helpful solutions on how to avoid congestions. For example, you can vote for an extra bus service to increase transportation capacity, or a communal office space to allow people to work closer to home. With two options to choose from each time, it is easy to decide how the fund will be spent.
Such helpful solutions are proposed based on the community data, so you may realize what you want to do with your community. You can participate casually, but experience the change of your community and feel that you are involved in the change.

Participation in the community development becomes a part of life for the residents

The residents gradually get accustomed to participate in the community development through casual voting.
Some residents want to participate in the community proactively, but others want to participate modestly. There are various levels of involvement. For example, if you can get a free apple using this fund, you may get interested in the mechanism of the fund. Some residents may get interested in managing their community on their own, not just voting for an option.

Fare Fund has given an opportunity for the residents to participate in the community development, and it has become a part of their life. The residents build sustainable relationships with the visitors brought by trains.
Rails, which have brought various changes to the community, can give the residents an opportunity to think about how they can proactively engage in the future of their community.