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Autonomous mobility

Focus on the problems of people that can be solved by autonomous mobility

Autonomous mobility reduces our burden and anxiety associated with driving. It is said that autonomous mobility will curtail accidents and reduce traffic congestion, and thus afford us a level of security that we have never experienced before regarding the use of roads.
Are these all the benefits that autonomous mobility will bring?
Autonomous mobility has the potential to solve more problems in our life. This vision is not directly concerned about the future of transportation. It starts from the problems of people, finds solutions through autonomous mobility, and depicts the value of such solutions to society.
This vision is part of the results of Japan METI’s R&D and PoC of smart mobility system: a study of autonomous driving and its social values and use scenarios. (2016) The vision was formulated by the Japan Social Innovation Center and many other companies and groups that participated in the project, with discussions through the workshop.

METI: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
PoC: Proof of Concept