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Collaborative Creation through Global R&D Open Innovation for Creating the Future

While trying to bring about a significant transformation of the economy and society and individual living environments, digital transformation has also started taking on the challenge of resolving future social issues under such concepts as the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and “Society 5.0,” which the Japanese government is promoting. Open innovation will be the key to that transformation.

Help for creating a vibrant future ――. Looking ahead to the Hitachi Group’s new collaborative creation through global R&D.

    R&D Initiatives for Creating the Future

    Promoting Open Innovation that Aims to Resolve Societal Challenges

    Japan’s Science and Technology Policies for Addressing Global Social Challenges

    Future Vision for a Super Smart Society that Leads to Collaborative Creation

    Toward an Era that Draws People and Technology Together

    Open Innovation to Take on Social Issues around the World

    Toward Global Value Creation

    New Intellectual Property Supporting Digital Transformation

    Vital Knowledge and Strategies for Data Utilization

    A View from the WEF Annual Meeting 2017 at Davos