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History of Hitachi 2001-
  • Developed mobile web-gateway system
  • Developed application processor for mobile phones

picture of contactless IC chip

  • Developed world's smallest 0.3-mm square contactless IC chip *figure11
  • Developed compact DNA analysis system genetic for SNP typing

picture of high-speed finger vein authentication system

  • Developed and commercialized compact, highly accurate, high-speed finger vein authentication system *figure12
  • Successful measurement of infant brain functions using optical topography
  • Dr. Hideaki Koizumi, a Hitachi Fellow, presented a lecture at the 400th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Vatican City
  • Developed world's smallest sensor-net terminal with a battery life of over one year
  • Developed high-temperature lead-free solder paste
  • Explosives Trace Detection System received U.S. TSA certification
  • Exhibited "EMIEW" two-wheel mobile robot capable of direct dialogue at the 2005 World Exposition Aichi, Japan
  • Established Hitachi (China) Research & Development Corporation
  • Confirmation of electro-luminescence phenomena on injection of electrical current in ultra-thin silicon film
  • Basic experiment on the application of Optical Topography as a brain-machine interface
  • Mass production of 2.5-inch HDD using perpendicular magnetic recording technology

picture of "EMIEW 2" a small and lightweight interactive robot

  • Prototype of world's smallest noncontact RFID powder IC chip (dimensions 0.05mm × 0.05mm)
  • Prototype of the 2-Mbit non-volatile SPRAM chip using magnetization reversal by spin injection
  • Developed EMIEW 2, a small and lightweight interactive robot *figure13
  • Developed lithium-ion battery system technology for use in high-speed diesel hybrid trains
  • Developed technology for small but highly efficient electric motors that do not use rare metals

picture of vehicular lithium-ion battery

  • Prototype 3-kV-class SiC diode
  • Developed vehicular lithium-ion battery *figure14
  • Developed thin-type finger vein authentication technology
  • Developed power consumption reduction technology for data centers
  • Developed rare metal recycling technology
  • Successful control and measurement of spin current
  • Dr. Hideaki Koizumi, a fellow of Hitachi, made a Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • Proton beam therapy (PBT) system using spot scanning approved for manufacturing in Japan
  • Developed technology for increasing speed of wide-area networks (WAN)
  • First Practical Field Emission Electron Microscope recognized as an IEEE Milestone
  • Developed highly efficient industrial-use 11-kW permanent magnet synchronous motor without using rare earth metals
  • Prototyped automatic human cell-sheet culturing equipment for regenerative medicine
  • Developed ROPITS single-passenger mobility-support robot
  • Developed electronic authentication technique based on biometric information
  • Developed gamma camera for environments with high radiation levels
  • Developed atomic-resolution holography electron microscope
  • Developed wearable sensor for measuring organizational activity
  • Developed walk-through-style finger vein authentication technology
  • Developed Hitachi AI Technology/H and launched solutions business using advanced AI technologies
  • Launched Lumada IoT Platform
  • Received orders signal and traffic management systems for high-speed trains in Italy
  • Hitachi and State Bank of India, the largest state-owned commercial bank in India, enter into Joint Venture to accelerate Digital Payments in India