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About Social Innovation

Hitachi Social Innovation is POWERING GOOD
Hitachi Social Innovation is POWERING GOOD
Infrastructure for life
How can we support the needs of everyone, everywhere?
Through digital and green technologies,
Hitachi is co-creating infrastructure that brings new value,
making a fulfilling life for people while protecting the needs of the planet.
What is “Social Innovation”?

To resolve a wide range of social issues through utilizing “IT (Information Technology),” “OT (Operational Technology),” “Products,” and “Lumada” which Hitachi has developed over the years. This is Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business.

By positioning "Digital," "Green," and "Innovation" as drivers of growth and accelerating our Social Innovation Business, we will focus on fulfilling what people around the world dream about – in other words, realizing “GOOD” things.

This video conveys the key message of Hitachi’s Mid-term Management Plan 2024; Hitachi commits to helping achieve a sustainable world and people's well-being by utilizing digital and green technologies. It also expresses Hitachi’s belief in changing our old perspective on social issues such as “Vehicles cannot be environmentally friendly”, “Renewable energy cannot be stable”, and “Our modern lives cannot be sustainable for the planet.”

  • Green Energy & Mobility

    Support the energy shift for decarbonization and provide safe, comfortable, and clean mobility

  • Connective Industries

    Create a resilient supply chain and innovate industries and cities

  • Digital Systems & Services

    With cutting-edge computer technology, improve the efficiency of systems which underpin society

Learn more about “Social Innovation”

“Social Innovation” is Hitachi’s owned media where business professionals can find insights for solutions that help solve various social issues.
Discover stories and information on the latest technology and business trends.
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