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Hitachi Technology 2023 Technology & Innovation Foresights 2023

Hitachi Review Vol. 72 (2023) No. 2 is “Hitachi Technology 2023.” This issue showcases the technical outcomes and solutions brought by Hitachi Group. “Hitachi Technology 2023” also presents Hitachi's initiatives to support people’s quality of life with data and technology that fosters a sustainable society while pursuing growth through innovation that looks ahead to the society of the future and adopting an approach to value creation that is “digital and green.”

    President’s Message
    Realizing a Sustainable Society with Data and Technology

    The University of Tokyo and Hitachi have been engaging in joint research aiming at achieving Society 5.0. In this article, Teruo Fujii, President of the University of Tokyo, and Toshiaki Higashihara, Director and Executive Chairman of Hitachi, Ltd., discuss how the University of Tokyo and Hitachi can contribute to overcoming societal challenges.

    Digital Systems & Services

    Services & Platforms

    Financial Systems

    Social and Public Sector Systems

    IT Services

    Green Energy & Mobility

    Power Grids


    Nuclear Energy

    Railway Systems

    Connective Industries

    Buildings Systems

    Smart Life & Ecofriendly Systems

    Semiconductor Device Manufacturing & Inspection Equipment

    Industrial Digital Solutions

    Water & Environment

    Industrial Products

    Healthcare & Analytical Systems

    Research & Development


    Innovation for Advancing with Customers: Digital Systems & Services

    Innovation for Advancing with Customers: Green Energy & Mobility

    Innovation for Advancing with Customers: Connective Industries

    Innovation for Addressing Future Challenges

    Some products, services, and solutions in this issue are available only in Japan.